Saturday, July 24, 2010

Angie's Bridal Shower

This is Angie at her bridal shower last weekend. My Aunt Judy let the bridesmaids throw it in her beautiful backyard garden. It was a joint effort with bridesmaid's husbands helping with the tents, Judy making everything look perfect in her yard. Big Boy grilled the chicken skewers, Sunny and Kate set the tables. Andrea made last minute direction signs. Bridesmaid Amber in South Carolina made and sent favors. Uncle Tom helped with the tents, the yard and set us up a huge fan. All of the bridesmaids, one of their moms, my mom and myself made the food. Here are the tables that Sunny and Kate worked so hard on. I thought I would be there to help so I told the other girls they didn't need to all be there. Too bad I forgot I had to do the flowers for the tables the next morning because I kind of left Sunny and Kate scrambling to get things done when they could have had more help. Never assume things won't take long. Everything takes longer than you think it will it seems.
The garden entrance.

Capiz shell wind chime from Celery Street.

The flowers came from my yard and Sam's Club. Judy's hydrangeas looked
so much better than mine. If I'd known she had them I would have used hers. She made some arrangements for the patio that were beautiful.

The napkins are supposed to look like dresses cinched at the
waist with a diamond ring. Angie is not having pink at her wedding
but since Sunny and I wanted some pink she said we could use it at her
shower instead. The green place settings and runners we found at K Mart
on clearance. It made me very happy.

Judy already had this butterfly chair in her garden.We decided it would be the perfect place for Angie to open her gifts. Judy put a rug under it that my great or great great grandmother had made. I never did get that straight.

Angie in her big diamond ring with her wedding wine glass all set to open gifts.
My niece Jenny made this wedding cake out of towels for Angie.

The drinks.
Bridesmaid Kristin and her mom Debbie setting up before the shower.

Bought the Evian at Big Lots.

Kristin and her sister Nicole (also a bridesmaid and the one who took most of these pictures) made and labeled the water bottles.
Bridesmaid Kate made the labels for the food and apothecary decanters
along with this Blushing Bride drink. It was pretty tasty.

This is the view from Judy's patio.Kate and Kristin making Angie's favorite lime sherbet punch for the little ones.

I was working on the chicken skewers and pasta
skewers around 2 in the morning the night before while

making Kate work on these cucumber rounds and toothpick appetizers and everything else that came to my mind. By the end of the weekend Kate had definitely had her fill of me. So had the other girls too I'm sure.

Sunny made the ever popular Oreo truffles. Nicole and Kristin brought coated pretzels and cupcakes and chicken salad croissants and all kinds of food. Andrea brought buffalo chicken dip and a ton of cheese and made an Italian angel hair pasta dish too. There was a lot of food. I lost track of who brought what.

All of the girls helped on the desserts and food.
These are store bought. That's why they look so perfect.
Because Angie loves hydrangeas I tried to copy the hydrangea cupcakes I saw on the Glorious Treats blog. Mine didn't quite compare but most of the ladies at the shower had never seen that blog anyway. I used her cookie recipe too along with her icing recipe. I spent days on her blog.

These are all of the bridesmaids except for Amber who lives in South Carolina.
Yesterday Angie and I had a shower for her. She is also getting married soon. So
is Kate. From left to right, my niece Andrea, Kristin, Kate, Angie, Nicole,
and on the end is my daughter and maid of honor Natalie (aka Sunny.)

My friend Debbie bought Angie this adorable apron with cherries on it.

Angie is with flower girls Emma and Kelsey here and in
the middle is their cousin Kamryn.
Judy is in the white here beside my mom in the green. That's my cousin Pam in the brown who had just come from the airport after an all night trip from Alaska. My niece Allison is between them and she told me that day she is having a baby boy in December. That's matron of honor Andrea beside Judy. Here are some more pictures of Judy's yard.

The party's over and it's clean up time. I'm trying to get over my fear of cameras for the wedding so here I am with my some of my BFFs (Barb, me, Gloria, Jeanie & Teri.)
And below is me with my two little girls.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this shower so nice. Sunny and I are so very grateful as is Angie for all of your help and hard work. A special thanks to Nicole and Jeanie for being our photographers. and a very special Thanks to Sunny for organizing the whole thing and finding us such a beautiful setting for the shower. I know she lost a lot of sleep planning this baby. And to my Aunt Judy and Uncle Tom we can't thank you enough for lending us your beautiful home and garden. We should have the wedding there but it's too late for that.

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