Friday, January 29, 2010

Cupcake Clutch.....Weddings & Pretty Things

I found this cupcake clutch over at the Weddings & Pretty Things Blog. I thought Angie, being the Cupcake Queen that she is might think this was fun. Maybe someday she might find it on my blog. If I can figure out where to buy one for her, I may. Until then it will be our little secret. I've been finding all kinds of fun blogs lately and Weddings & Pretty Things is one of them. If you get time, check it out.
Oh wait, I found out where to buy one of these Judith Leiber Strawberry Cupcake Clutches. They are at Nieman Marcus and they are only $4295.00 Uh-huh. Umm, don't hold your breath Ang.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Studio 512- Photography Blog of the Week

This will probably be my last photography blog feature for awhile. I've been busy thinking of ideas for kids' birthdays so I am becoming more interested in children's party blogs lately. I have two older kids' birthdays in Feburary and my niece's baby shower that I am trying to come up with ideas for. Not to mention the wedding decor I need to be working on. I think I will just forget Valentine's Day this year. But I really did enjoy rolling through the blog of Studio 512. Eddie Bojorquez is the talented & charming photographer and he is based out of San Diego. He's got a load of beautiful photos and a great style. Thanks Eddie for letting me feature you on my blog. If you change your mind about that videography proposal, let me know. :0)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Little Boy's Birthday.....Ezra Turns Seven

Ezra turned seven the other day and all the kids expect their table to be decorated when they come in from school on their birthdays. Ezra is all boy with a passion for frogs, bearded dragons, bugs and balls. So I filled the tables with bugs and frogs.

I needed something to hang from the ceiling to add some pizzaz and I found these shiny green strip things at the Dollar Store. I hung bugs at the end of them and told the kids they were fly strips. They looked pretty cool in person. They don't show up very good on film though.

This is a mini back pack on the back of the chair. Ezra had it off of there in no time and filled it with all the bugs he could find.

This is Ezra and green jell-o with candy frogs in it. I stuck his number 7 candle in it and served it as his cake.

I bought this vase a few years back at an artsy store downtown. I thought it was really cool and knew it would come in handy some day. It sits outside on my patio table during the summer.

This is dirt pudding. I could have easily eaten the whole bucket. It's just chocolate pudding mixed with whip creme and crushed Oreos. There were gummy worms in it too but I steered around those. It was heaven. My kind of supper.

I didn't work too hard on the candy bar as you can tell. There was only so much time and I had to scrape the cupcakes off of each other after I got to my niece's house. I forgot to drive slow and take the corners easy on the way over and lost half the cupcakes.

Give a kid a can of silly string and they are happy for a few minutes until it's gone.

Ezra's wondering how he's going to carry all of his loot home.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Angie & Erik

This photo of Angie and Erik was #1 on bobbi & mike's 2009 annual top 100: engagement pics. Do I sound like a proud mama? The colors are pretty awesome in this.

More of Eva's Birthday

Meet Eva. She's 5 now.

Since I couldn't get Angie to make me some labels for these crayola juice bottles (her printer is out of ink) I wrapped them with some mailing labels and glued some jewels on them to bling them out. Had I had more time and patience the whole label would have been bedazzled.

This was some kind of candelabra thing I bought a while back at the Home Goods store because I thought it was neat and it might come in handy for table decor. I actually purchased two of them. I had a beaded curtain so I cut some of the beads from it and strung them all around it along with some Christmas garland. It looked a lot better in person.

I tried making cut out sugar cookies. Of course I was in a hurry and tried using the rolls of sugar cookies you buy at the store. Only four of them turned out decent so I glued them together with icing and made a glass slipper and stood them up on a cake stand.

Eva has the cheese smile down pat. Today was Ezra's birthday. I'll try to get those pictures up soon. It won't be so sparkly though.