Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kelsey Turns 8 & Learns to Bake.

So it's been a year already since I was stressing out about doing a Harry Potter party for Kelsey. (It's also almost been that long since I blogged.) Kelsey turned 8 last week and she and her mom Paula decided to have a baking party where they decorated cupcakes and cookies. Paula found each girl a baking kit complete with hat and apron at Micheals. The aprons had a lot of red but we all decided the blue and green looked pretty good without it so red was used more as an accent color in the decorating.


Between Paula and I, we didn't really have to spend a lot on decor because we pretty much used what we already had. Paula did buy these 3 curtains to use as a backdrop though. I thought it looked pretty awesome. Paula pretty much was on her own decorating for this one. I helped a little but not very much at all. I did a party for my dad's 80Th birthday last month (that I am still hoping to get more pictures of before I blog it...Hello Pammy?) that kind of did me in and burned me out for awhile. It's the cleaning up and putting things back where they go that wears me down. I need a storage house. Paula does a fine job without my help anyway.

Cotton candy with a gumball make for a sweet ice-cream look-a-like treat. (hint: don't put your cotton candy out too soon or it will shrivel up into nothing before the guests arrive.)
Mint chocolate-chip meringues are delicious! (found at The Christmas Tree Shops)

If you read my blog you should recognize this capiz shell wind chime.

Found these place mats at The Christmas Tree Shop also for 50 cents each.

Most of these paper lanterns are leftover from Angie's wedding. I have some green and white ones to sell if anybody is interested. Also have plenty of these green chargers that we ended up not using for her wedding. Most of them had a bit too much green foil missing on them.

Found these big red gumballs at Party City. They have almost every color.
Of course these aren't real margaritas but the glasses were green and we already had them so we put them to use. I think all of the girls had fun despite the fact there was only Sprite in their glasses. Hopefully, they will always have fun and stick to just Sprite in their glasses.

Happy 8th Birthday Kel-Belle! We love you!!! We also love comments so feel free to leave some! Thanks for visiting!!