Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Reception

I don't have a lot of time to blog but wanted to get some pictures up before I head off to Florida with some friends for a week. I will add more later but I don't think anybody reads this stuff anyway. I will get back with where the linens are from, etc. Soon. This is at the Indiana Memorial Union with Barry Kuhlman in charge of the coordinating.

Flowers by Artful Blooms of Bloomington, IN.

Candy table designed by us but set up by Hannah Trowbridge and
the girls from Social Butterfly . They were lifesavers. They set up a ton of stuff.
I wouldn't get married without hiring help setting up and tearing down. They even packed all of our glassware into our truck that night and carried Angie & Erik's gifts to the Bridal Suite. They worked hard all day long. There are better pictures on their website.

I didn't get it straight but I think it was something about a Danish tradition that calls for the cutting of the groom's sock. They cut Erik's toes out of his sock.

This is Kate with Erik's aunt & famous author Julia Alvarez. Kate and I both were very exited to meet her. She was as sweet as she could be.


Kate McMahon said...

Looks AMAZING!!!! Hope you are having a great vacation you deserve it!

Stephanie Wilson said...

What an absolutely gorgeous wedding! The details are amazing!