Friday, December 10, 2010

Emma's Purple Spa Party

This is Emma walking in from school on her ninth birthday. She had requested a purple table for her birthday and a spa party. Her mother and I decided it could be a purple spa party.

This is Eva who is five when she walked in. She gets a little more excited than Emma does about everything.

Here's Isaac and Isabel. Isaac thought it was cool because his favorite color is purple too. Isabel came home first and decided to run upstairs to get a colored up-light to shine on the center of the table.
That weekend Emma had seven of her girlfriends come over for her party and to spend the night. They were treated to manicures and pedicures, facials and hair & make-up make overs. Sunny came and gave the girls facials and helped out.
I felt we needed a vanity for the spa party so I took a long narrow card table I have and draped some bed skirts that Emma's mom (Paula) had over it. I laid a door mirror over the top of it, added some easels and placed three round mirrors I had in the easels for the vanity mirror. we added a light up makeup mirror that Paula had and some Christmas lights and a crystal lamp I borrowed from my daughter. Paula had a vanity seat up in her bathroom so I took some material that she had and stuck it over the seat to turn it purple too. I thought it came out pretty cool for just using what we already had around the house.

The Food

Emma's Grandma helped with the cupcakes and manicures. I washed, filed, sprayed and wrapped feet.

Emma's Grandma helped with the cupcakes.
Paula made fake sushi out of rice krispies, gummy worms and fruit roll ups. It went fast.

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