Monday, September 28, 2009

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Candy Buffet (I'll take you there)

I'm lovin' this candy buffet that I found on the Jennifer Kloss Photography blog. It's from Alexis and James' wedding on the Jennifer's blog. Jennifer is based out of the San Francisco Bay area and does beautiful work. We are planning on having a candy buffet at Angie's wedding so we are looking for inspiration and this fun one certainly gives us some. Check out the ring bearer in Jaclyn and Mike's wedding on Jennifer's blog while you are there. He is adorable.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beach Bum Wedding Dreams

If I could do my wedding all over again I would get married at the beach. I wanted to 27 years ago but back then it was just a dream for someone like me. We did get married outside but it was in a gazebo that my Dad built in my Aunt & Uncle's backyard and instead of the beach, we had a big beer truck. It was definitely a DIY wedding. We had a huge white tent for the reception in my neighbor's yard. It was nice, but a beach wedding would have been more up my alley.

The Green Shoes for the Bridesmaids

Angie wants the girls to wear green shoes in the wedding. She even bought them a pair to wear (these with the pink, courtesy of but her sister and I are liking the ones below a whole lot better than the ones she bought. The ones she bought were as cute as can be but they are a little informal and pretty low heeled. They will look great at the nail shop or the hairdresser's shop in pictures that day but for the wedding we are wondering if there is a way we can finagle something more in the way of these heels Ang? We have plenty of time to think about it. Maybe they will even go on sale.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Your Completed Survival Kit

I'm getting a little tired of the emergency kit, so I decided to add most all of the things I can think of to put in there besides a good pair of scissors. Angie said one time when she was serving as a wedding planner one of the bridesmaids had forgot to shave her armpits and put on deodorant. Yeah, I know. So it is a good idea to think of everything someone may need and stick a little travel size in there. If the girls are wearing pantyhose it is a safe bet that you may need an extra pair or two of those also. Razors, shaving cream, toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, breath mints, tissues, crackers, breakfast bars (hopefully there will be food and drinks provided by someone) but make sure you know who is bringing what. Safety pins, a first aid kit, spare nails in case of a broken nail and nail polish. It would also be nice to have some shoe inserts for comfort if case someone is having trouble walking in their shoes. And don't forget a steamer/iron. I know it sounds like a lot but unless you are getting ready next to a drug or Dollar Store it is better to be safe than sorry. It's not like you are going to be at home getting ready (at least not in most cases.) And don't forget your makeup case and especially your lip gloss. Some oil-blotting sheets will probably come in handy also. You know, in case someone loses an earing or forgets to wear them you might want to make sure you have a back up pair of those too.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Item # 6 Wipes- Bridal Day Survival Kit

So, you never know when someone in your wedding party may get food stains or lipstick or dirt or what-have-you on their dress or tie (groomsmen) right before the wedding. It would be wise to have wipes for stains and also would be nice to carry wipes for hands or whatever you may need them for. Flower girls especially may be in need of wipes at some point in the day before the wedding.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

#5 Hair Products

Make sure to put all of the hair products that may be needed by the bride or bridesmaids in the kit. You never know what the wind may do or when a picky bridesmad might decide to do her own hair after having it done by a professional and hating it. Gel, bobbie pins, hairspray, curling iron, flat iron, frizz control, comb and a brush.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wedding Day Survival Item #4 - Drugs

You never know when someone is going to start feeling sick so it is wise to have medications on hand that day.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Item #2 for Your Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit item #2
Emergency Kit item #2 by Sandytables on
It's time for the second item you should have in your Wedding Day Emergency Kit. If you are a bride, hopefully one of your bridesmaids will make you a kit up and present it to you at your bridal shower or sometime before your wedding day. If there is anything missing from it you can then add to it. If you have a wedding planner which is highly recommended and she is worth her fee she should have one herself so you may not need to worry about such a thing. I'd check with her first though. Either way, it's always good to have a back up. They can be made up to be as cute as can be, as expensive as can be or they can be thrown in a sack at the last minute if it seems it was an overlooked item on the day of the wedding. Below I put some ideas of what it could be made with. The next item I suggest is to have a sewing kit. You never know when someone might need a needle and thread at the last minute. Make sure you have thread to match your dress and you bridessmaid's dresses as well as your flower girl's dresses. Also, most sewing kits have scissors which always come in handy for something

Monday, September 14, 2009

The #1 for Your Bridal Survival Kit

I love this stuff and have used it many times to keep my top in place so that my bra isn't showing. It works well. After looking at their website I can imagine that everything they have on there may come in handy for you or a bridesmaid on you wedding day. Thanks to Marie Mathay from their Media Relations/Sales dept who sent me these two actual items to try for free. After reading the box I realize that there are plenty of things this tape can help with. It can help hide bra straps, it can fix a hem, eliminate blouse gaps, secure strapless gowns, off the shoulder style gowns and plunging necklines. It can be used to keep wedding veils, hosiery and garters in place. There are some skinny tapes in the Glamorous Gown Assortment that can hold up spaghetti straps and tapes for the groomsmen to keep their ties down and their cummerbunds straight as well as hold their socks up. It can be used to keep veils, garters, and thigh highs in place. It can also be used to anchor corsages, boutonnieres and jewelry. Pretty nifty stuff to have on hand on such an important day.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Amy Carroll Photography

I found this photography site and blog today that I really loved. Amy Carroll Photography. She seems to capture a lot of the details of the tables which as you know, that's what I'm all about. I asked permission to steal some pictures to make an inspiration board. These are the colors Angie is thinking of using. We just can't get down exactly what it is we want. She is thinking green tablecloths and maybe compromising her values and using the black padded folding chairs with a green tie instead of the Chivari chairs she has always been so set on. I really like this look here with the white tablecloth but Angie thinks it is more for a daytime wedding. Maybe so. What do I know.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kuga Designs-Industrial Chic

I am liking what I see over at Kuga Designs.
She incorporated copper mesh in her boutonniere and corsage.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Starting to Have a Thing for Shoes

Matthijs Sluiter Big Blahnik Girl

This is how I feel when I wear high heels for more than 2 minutes.Mario Philippona Wine on Heels
How's this for a table?
Carlos N Molina - Paper Shoe High Heel

I'm starting to finally become obsessed with shoes like most women but these aren't really shoes are they?


Leaf or Shoe?

Monday, September 7, 2009

My MIL Mil - You Were Loved

My mother-in-law, Mildred was rushed to the hospital last Sunday after suddenly becoming ill. She's been there quite a few times in her life and has always pulled through so we were all assuming she would this time too. Unfortunately, after surviving numerous surgeries over the years that I've known her on her heart, lungs, shoulder, etc. she was taken down by a simple UTI. I had no idea how dangerous those can be in older people. They can quickly turn septic. We watched her pass on to be with Jesus Wednesday Sept. 2, 2009. We were in the process of planning her surprise 75th birthday party. Her birthday is Sept. 27th. She was a very sweet woman who never met a stranger. She loved The Lord, her family, her friends and her Tiffany lamps, porcelain dolls, Hummels, Boyd's bears, the Colts, her jewelry and most of all she loved to talk and tell stories of the past. We buried Mil on Sept. 5th which is the same day Angie's wedding will be on next year. We are going to have to think of a special way of honoring her on that day. She will be greatly missed. Thanks to all who sent their condolences. Here she is with her youngest son Tony and his son Joey. She is shown here also with Angie and Sunny at their cousin's wedding.