Monday, September 7, 2009

My MIL Mil - You Were Loved

My mother-in-law, Mildred was rushed to the hospital last Sunday after suddenly becoming ill. She's been there quite a few times in her life and has always pulled through so we were all assuming she would this time too. Unfortunately, after surviving numerous surgeries over the years that I've known her on her heart, lungs, shoulder, etc. she was taken down by a simple UTI. I had no idea how dangerous those can be in older people. They can quickly turn septic. We watched her pass on to be with Jesus Wednesday Sept. 2, 2009. We were in the process of planning her surprise 75th birthday party. Her birthday is Sept. 27th. She was a very sweet woman who never met a stranger. She loved The Lord, her family, her friends and her Tiffany lamps, porcelain dolls, Hummels, Boyd's bears, the Colts, her jewelry and most of all she loved to talk and tell stories of the past. We buried Mil on Sept. 5th which is the same day Angie's wedding will be on next year. We are going to have to think of a special way of honoring her on that day. She will be greatly missed. Thanks to all who sent their condolences. Here she is with her youngest son Tony and his son Joey. She is shown here also with Angie and Sunny at their cousin's wedding.

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