Monday, September 14, 2009

The #1 for Your Bridal Survival Kit

I love this stuff and have used it many times to keep my top in place so that my bra isn't showing. It works well. After looking at their website I can imagine that everything they have on there may come in handy for you or a bridesmaid on you wedding day. Thanks to Marie Mathay from their Media Relations/Sales dept who sent me these two actual items to try for free. After reading the box I realize that there are plenty of things this tape can help with. It can help hide bra straps, it can fix a hem, eliminate blouse gaps, secure strapless gowns, off the shoulder style gowns and plunging necklines. It can be used to keep wedding veils, hosiery and garters in place. There are some skinny tapes in the Glamorous Gown Assortment that can hold up spaghetti straps and tapes for the groomsmen to keep their ties down and their cummerbunds straight as well as hold their socks up. It can be used to keep veils, garters, and thigh highs in place. It can also be used to anchor corsages, boutonnieres and jewelry. Pretty nifty stuff to have on hand on such an important day.

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Just checking out your blog and you have a lot of great tablescape photos on here! Thanks so much for stopping by today and becoming a follower! Have a great day...
pk @ room remix