Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Item #2 for Your Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit item #2
Emergency Kit item #2 by Sandytables on Polyvore.com
It's time for the second item you should have in your Wedding Day Emergency Kit. If you are a bride, hopefully one of your bridesmaids will make you a kit up and present it to you at your bridal shower or sometime before your wedding day. If there is anything missing from it you can then add to it. If you have a wedding planner which is highly recommended and she is worth her fee she should have one herself so you may not need to worry about such a thing. I'd check with her first though. Either way, it's always good to have a back up. They can be made up to be as cute as can be, as expensive as can be or they can be thrown in a sack at the last minute if it seems it was an overlooked item on the day of the wedding. Below I put some ideas of what it could be made with. The next item I suggest is to have a sewing kit. You never know when someone might need a needle and thread at the last minute. Make sure you have thread to match your dress and you bridessmaid's dresses as well as your flower girl's dresses. Also, most sewing kits have scissors which always come in handy for something

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