Saturday, June 13, 2015

A BabyQ for Juliet

I haven't posted anything for quite awhile but thought I might start dabbling in the blog again. I feel bad that as hard as we worked on Angie and Erik's BabyQ that I never posted any pictures of it. Of course I didn't get all the pictures I wanted because I was too busy to take any myself, not to mention things just didn't get done that were supposed too because there was just too much to do. Next time I think I will have a big party catered. My new granddaughter,Juliet is already over 5 months old. I think it's time I post some of her baby shower photos. MY niece Paula painted this corn hole game for me with a little help from her girls, Emma and Kelsey.

She also made this cool diaper cake for us. I remember someone wanted to know when we were going to cut the cake not realizing that it was made of diapers.
My friend Jeanie took alot of these pics but had the wrong date on her camera. Erik took a lot too. Here are some pics of the dessert bar. Paula also made the cake and Kelsey made the cupcakes.
Sunny made those white chocolate dipped grapes with the nuts on top. They disappeared fast. My mom made the huge caramel & candy apples. Fruit with chocolate is always a good idea.
I made the rag curtain which my Mother totally did not understand. She doesn't own a computer nor know how to look on the web on her cell phone.
This was a popcorn bar we set up in the back yard. Luckily Angie helped me out there or nothing would have been on the table when people arrived.
Here are a few more pics from the back yard. We kind of had food everywhere, inside and out. The buckets are supposed to have ice and drinks in them.

We had a photo booth and a snack bar in the garage. My niece Andrea made the prediction props with the foam board. Erik set up an automatic camera to get photos.
Unfortunately orange chairs ended up in the photos and kind of ruined what I had envisioned the pictures to look like.
And a Bar bar of course.
A party's not a party without Food

Little Juliet