Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Allison's Baby Shower

My niece Allison is having a baby boy soon and her sister Jenny emailed me to ask me if I could loan her some stuff and help her set up for a baby shower for her. She already had these plates and napkins that she had ordered online. She had the black place mats too.

These candle holders are the same ones we used on Angie's head table.
Why yes, they are for rent or sale. There are six of them.
I used what teething rings I could find in the right color as candle rings.
I offered to do this fruit & cheese display but pretty much all of the other food was made by Jenny herself. I couldn't believe what all she had made. When I asked Jenny how long we had to set up she said an hour. I told her to forget it then. I can't even get the tablecloths to look right in an hour. Mine are all mix and match and stained and the wrong sizes. We ended up renting the tablecloths for the rounds. I was telling Big Boy about my dilemma and he said he just happened to know the guy that ran the Community Center where we were having the shower. He made a call and we ended up getting to come in at 8:00 AM instead of 12:00 PM. Big Boy comes in pretty handy most of the time.
Jenny made a bunch of cake balls amongst other yummy treats. She had labeled some water bottles too but I guess she forgot to take a picture of them. She also forgot to send me a picture of the mom to be. At least she remembered to take pictures. I can't seem to remember to get a memory card for my camera. Oh wait, I have a few memory cards. They just seem to keep disappearing.
My other niece Paula volunteered to make this diaper cake. She seems to enjoy doing them. She does a great job too. She's has part of a poem down on the bottom of the cake that has to do with having a mother who reads to you. Jenny had each guest bring a new book for Allison to read to the baby.
This last picture I meant to add to the post before this one. Pictures of Angie and Erik's reception. I just decided to stick it here instead of editing that last post. These are the candles and view from the stage behind the dance floor. Not sure who took the picture but I like it.

This shower is listed at the Creative Party Place. Thanks Shannon and we will miss you!


Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Oh my goodness I see I'm the first to post a comment! I love when that happens!
The entire concept of Tablescaping as a great theme for your blog. I have always said "I save the best part for last when preparing a holiday meal which is the tablescape".
Now as for the rest of this enjoyable reading throughout your posts', what a delight it has been. I really like the baby shower scapes and all that went into it and that beautiful wedding!
Glad you stopped by and thank you for the nice comment about my Seacape table, it was a blast to do on a beautiful sunny day with a perfect sunset to match:)
PS I am now your latest follower:)

Baby Games said...

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