Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Amber's Bridal Shower

This is one of Angie's bridesmaids Amber. She is getting married next week in South Carolina on the beach. Angie is her MOH. Angie threw her a shower a week after her own shower... at my house. She was using the beach theme because of the beach wedding which worked out well since my house is full of shells and such. I still hadn't recovered from Angie's shower yet and neither had my house. We were struggling to get this thing put together. Between Angie's job and my babysitting neither one of us had much time to shop or clean or decorate or make food. Luckily I had stuff on hand from other parties. I wish I had more pictures to share but since I'm not on facebook and don't have a camera right now I don't really have access to the ones I'd like to show you or even know if they are out there. These were taken by Amber's friend Lacey.

Angie put together these little sand pails of goldfish crackers for favors.

This blue sparkly material from Isabel's birthday sure has come in handy.

Pasta Salad Skewers with real shells for handles.

I've been a little obsessed with skewers lately. There was a dessert table also but for some reason I don't have a picture of it.

Drinks on the bar.

It was a really hot day and my glass had shattered out of one of my patio tables a week or so before the shower. That's why there is no umbrella here to shade people. I went out and bought a banquet 60 inch round and set it on top of the frame and threw some tablecloths over it. It was really a good excuse to buy one of these tables because we needed one to figure out how the candy bar was to be set up for Angie's wedding. Anyway, we had to move inside to open presents because of the heat.

Here's Amber showing her emergency kit that Ang made for her. Angie is making a bouquet with the bows for the rehearsal night. Pooch wants to help.
I wish we could go to the wedding but life gets in the way of fun sometimes. At least we can go to the reception that will be held here later in November. Best wishes to Amber and David!!

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