Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kate & Eric Married 10-2-10

This is Kate and Eric at Angie & Erik's wedding. They were married at the beginning of this month. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of them together at their own wedding but you can view more pictures on bobbi+mike's blog. I really need to get a camera.
These are the bridesmaids with Kate at the rehearsal dinner.

Newlyweds Angie & Erik with the gift Kate bought for all of her bridesmaids.

She gave them each a really nice Coach bag. Sweet girl.Hair and make-up time. Done by Taylor Eli. Kate in her Team Eric shirt looking radiant!
Bridesmaid Nicole (who I thank for these photos) MOH Stefanie, and bridesmaid Kristin.

The beautiful bouquets by Sarkey’s Florist
Photog bobbi helping the girls get dressed. As many weddings as she has photographed she is the one to turn to if you need help with a bustle, brooch, bra or bow.
Nicole was in the wedding so obviously she didn't get to take any pictures of it. I'm still waiting for my son-in-law to send me the ones he took. Hello.
Kate used blue wine bottles for her centerpieces with the table numbers on the corks. Actually, she didn't use table numbers. She used names of drinks. We sat at the Tequila Sunrise table.
It's not that they drink a lot mind you....

Erik owns a liquor store.Stephanie's mom Shronda set up the candy bar. Kate used melted blue wine bottle platters (that my friend Jeanie makes if you are interested in any) for some of the treats. Shronda also set up the other tables and helped me a lot with the head table.

Kate changed her mind from a Sweetheart table to using a Head Table not long before the wedding. She told Angie to have me decorate it, which I found out about a few days before the wedding. I scrambled to string some crystals together and get some candle holders for the tall wine bottles I had in my garage. I used the mirrors we had for Angie's head table that didn't end up getting used and Kate had a ton of votive and floating candles to add to the ambiance.

It's not easy to find large quantities of anything at the last minute like that so I ended up having to use two different types of glass holders for the candles.

The girl's bouquet's added some gorgeous colors to the table.

This is Nicole's husband Andy and Kristin's husband Dave celebrating with Kate's dad Brian. Brian and Kate are obviously very close and he is so much of fun to be around! So is Eric. Kate's a lucky girl.
We had a ball at this reception and at the end of the night they brought out mini cheeseburgers and fries. They were a big hit with the crowd. I wish we could do this all over again soon! Maybe next year they can renew their vows and pop for another fun party. No?

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