Monday, October 11, 2010

More Reception Photos

We hired caricature artist Karen Kovich to work the reception. People really seemed to enjoy it. Here she is drawing Kristin and Big Boy's new BFF husband Dave.

Guestbook with bobbi+mike photos.

Florals by Artful Blooms.


The two photos above and the one below were taken by bobbi+mike photographers. You can see more there.


The Healthy Train Table. :) Father -daughter dance.

We also had a photo booth in the back of the room which proved to be a fun time for all who went behind the curtain.
Emma, Joey and Kamryn in the booth by Memento? I can't find a website for them but that's who Angie told me it was from.

My Aunt Judy whom I don't think I even got to talk to at the wedding with my Uncle Tom.
This groomsman (John Gould) was a dancing machine. He even jumped up on stage where we had big candle holders and cut the rug. He brought no date because he was planning on dancing with every lady in the room I heard. I think he almost met his goal too.
Towards the end of the night we had them bring out a nacho bar. Unfortunately it was gone by the time I made it off the dance floor to the back of the room.

Some of us didn't want to see the party end.

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