Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Reception

I don't have a lot of time to blog but wanted to get some pictures up before I head off to Florida with some friends for a week. I will add more later but I don't think anybody reads this stuff anyway. I will get back with where the linens are from, etc. Soon. This is at the Indiana Memorial Union with Barry Kuhlman in charge of the coordinating.

Flowers by Artful Blooms of Bloomington, IN.

Candy table designed by us but set up by Hannah Trowbridge and
the girls from Social Butterfly . They were lifesavers. They set up a ton of stuff.
I wouldn't get married without hiring help setting up and tearing down. They even packed all of our glassware into our truck that night and carried Angie & Erik's gifts to the Bridal Suite. They worked hard all day long. There are better pictures on their website.

I didn't get it straight but I think it was something about a Danish tradition that calls for the cutting of the groom's sock. They cut Erik's toes out of his sock.

This is Kate with Erik's aunt & famous author Julia Alvarez. Kate and I both were very exited to meet her. She was as sweet as she could be.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Ceremony

Angie made these moss covered letters herself. I'm not sure that this is where she was planning on hanging them when she made them but this is where they ended up. They were on the doors that opened into the garden for the ceremony.
I have a feeling that flower girl Adi was
standing under this A thinking A for Adi instead of the A for Angie.

Angie had the florists from Artful Blooms in Bloomington bring moss balls and hang them on the shepherd's hooks and plant holders that she bought. She was paying for the flowers herself so she wanted to invest most of her money into the reception flowers because the ceremony only lasts half an hour she said. I told her pictures last forever though. It turned out a lot prettier than I had imagined it would and I love the moss ball curtain with orchids.
Angie always dreamed of a Cinderella wedding so naturally with the ceremony being outside Jaq and Gus Gus decided they had to be there too. Below the MOHs were getting ready to walk out and they saw the little mice along the path run in front of Kate. Love the look on Sunny's face.

Beautiful MOH. Beautiful Bride.
Not sure what Big Boy is looking at here. Awkward.

You can see my fat arm wiping a tear away. I did well though. The worst was when Angie's Grandpa first saw her and started crying. It was a year to the day that we had buried his wife, Angie's Grandma.
May God Bless this marriage.

Mr. & Mrs. Erik Jensen.
Yay!! Finally!
Thanks You Jesus for the beautiful weather!!!

Here are the Flower Girls and Ring Bearer Cousin Joey with the newly married couple. What a good looking group! I will be back to add more pics as they become available to me.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Dress(es)

This is Angie's dress. The one she finally decided to buy and wear. It was probably the second dress she tried on the first time we went dress shopping. She really liked it then but I was hoping for some sparkle so I guess I talked her into taking her time and trying more on before she made her final decision. She bought three dresses after that and then bought this one. That's right. She's a four dress bride. I suppose now that they are married it is OK to let Erik in on that little secret.
The good news is, She sold two of them already and almost got what she paid for both of them. This is a picture of her on that first day that she tried it on. I should have just let her buy it then and been done with it but somehow I think if she had bought it that day she may still have gone out and bought more.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Rehearsal Dinner

So, This past weekend Angie and Erik were finally married. I didn't get to take any photos but luckily bridesmaid Nicole had her trusty camera and sent me a link to her photos. This is the rehearsal dinner. Angie picked out the colors and the linens. She made the wraps for the napkins. There were four different sayings on them. We didn't get pictures of each saying but I have some extras so I will take some and add them to this post soon. I have lots of clean up to do so posting pics from the wedding will be slower than I like. I should be cleaning at the moment because I took off work today to get it done. But I haven't blogged in over a month so it is about time I get back to it now that I have pictures to share.
Angie wanted a casual feel for the rehearsal and didn't want to put a lot of money into decor for it so she opted for using wine bottles as centerpieces. I took a chance on ordering orchids from Sam's Club hoping the color would work and the color ended up matching perfect. I bought candles at Walmart and they matched perfect too. The set up was very rushed as we had nail appointments earlier and ended up at the wrong nail place. We had about a half an hour after we got back to get ready and I also had to decorate in that time. Thank God Big Boy was there to help me out. He followed directions pretty well. He located missing mirrors and opened all of the candles out of their wrapping which took a bit of time that I didn't have. All in all I thought it turned out pretty pretty. Thanks to my friend Jeanie for getting us some more green wine bottles. We hadn't been drinking enough lately.

This is the Secret Garden at the Indiana Memorial Union on the Indiana University Campus where Angie and Erik went to college and met.

Angie had the bridesmaids working up in the Bridal Suite wrapping the napkins.

This is the actual rehearsal in process. Some flower girls were missing because they were running late due to having to stop at my house before they came. They were called to pick up Angie's slip to her wedding dress that was left behind. Unfortunately, they had trouble getting into the house to get it and they were delayed by at least an hour.

Angie is giving directions again. Was anybody listening?

There were some old phone booths next to the ceremony site and everybody were putting on their bobbi+mike hats and snapping away. These are the handsome and most fun group of groomsmen you'd ever want to meet.

Sister of the bride and Maid of Honor Natalie with Matron of Honor Andrea (the bride's cousin.)

Looking pretty Bridesmaids Nicole and Kristin with husbands Andy and Dave. We had the time of our lives at this wedding and throughout the whole weekend. Erik's family and friends are such fun people. I wish we could spend a lot more time with them but they are scattered all over the world. The long weekend just flew by. I just got a link to my niece Jenny's pictures and here are some more of the rehearsal and also of the flower girls.
Adi, Kelsey & Emma
Adi wasn't so sure about going down the aisle but when Emma and Kelsey
showed up she turned into a rock star.