Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Rehearsal Dinner

So, This past weekend Angie and Erik were finally married. I didn't get to take any photos but luckily bridesmaid Nicole had her trusty camera and sent me a link to her photos. This is the rehearsal dinner. Angie picked out the colors and the linens. She made the wraps for the napkins. There were four different sayings on them. We didn't get pictures of each saying but I have some extras so I will take some and add them to this post soon. I have lots of clean up to do so posting pics from the wedding will be slower than I like. I should be cleaning at the moment because I took off work today to get it done. But I haven't blogged in over a month so it is about time I get back to it now that I have pictures to share.
Angie wanted a casual feel for the rehearsal and didn't want to put a lot of money into decor for it so she opted for using wine bottles as centerpieces. I took a chance on ordering orchids from Sam's Club hoping the color would work and the color ended up matching perfect. I bought candles at Walmart and they matched perfect too. The set up was very rushed as we had nail appointments earlier and ended up at the wrong nail place. We had about a half an hour after we got back to get ready and I also had to decorate in that time. Thank God Big Boy was there to help me out. He followed directions pretty well. He located missing mirrors and opened all of the candles out of their wrapping which took a bit of time that I didn't have. All in all I thought it turned out pretty pretty. Thanks to my friend Jeanie for getting us some more green wine bottles. We hadn't been drinking enough lately.

This is the Secret Garden at the Indiana Memorial Union on the Indiana University Campus where Angie and Erik went to college and met.

Angie had the bridesmaids working up in the Bridal Suite wrapping the napkins.

This is the actual rehearsal in process. Some flower girls were missing because they were running late due to having to stop at my house before they came. They were called to pick up Angie's slip to her wedding dress that was left behind. Unfortunately, they had trouble getting into the house to get it and they were delayed by at least an hour.

Angie is giving directions again. Was anybody listening?

There were some old phone booths next to the ceremony site and everybody were putting on their bobbi+mike hats and snapping away. These are the handsome and most fun group of groomsmen you'd ever want to meet.

Sister of the bride and Maid of Honor Natalie with Matron of Honor Andrea (the bride's cousin.)

Looking pretty Bridesmaids Nicole and Kristin with husbands Andy and Dave. We had the time of our lives at this wedding and throughout the whole weekend. Erik's family and friends are such fun people. I wish we could spend a lot more time with them but they are scattered all over the world. The long weekend just flew by. I just got a link to my niece Jenny's pictures and here are some more of the rehearsal and also of the flower girls.
Adi, Kelsey & Emma
Adi wasn't so sure about going down the aisle but when Emma and Kelsey
showed up she turned into a rock star.


Miss Merry said...

What a lovely setting for your rehearsal dinner. Those napkins are outstanding. Everything is so glamorous and sophisticated. Your wedding party adds just the right amount of fun. Great decor and wonderful post. Congratulations on the wedding!

Tricia@The Dull and the Dutiful said...

Oh, thanks for all these wonderful pics! My son is getting married in December, and I've just started thinking about tables for the rehearsal dinner. This rehearsal dinner looked fabulous! Thanks for the tip about flowers from Sam's! The napkin wraps add a lovely touch.

Tricia@The Dull and the Dutiful said...

Just reread your "About Me" and see you're in Indy! That's where my son lives, but he'll be married here in Texas.

Mimi said...

The tables came out the color of the napkins.

Entertaining Women said...

You did a great job on the dinner. My daughter went to IU, School of Music. Bloomington is a charming town, and the campus is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your special day. Cherry Kay