Monday, September 13, 2010

The Ceremony

Angie made these moss covered letters herself. I'm not sure that this is where she was planning on hanging them when she made them but this is where they ended up. They were on the doors that opened into the garden for the ceremony.
I have a feeling that flower girl Adi was
standing under this A thinking A for Adi instead of the A for Angie.

Angie had the florists from Artful Blooms in Bloomington bring moss balls and hang them on the shepherd's hooks and plant holders that she bought. She was paying for the flowers herself so she wanted to invest most of her money into the reception flowers because the ceremony only lasts half an hour she said. I told her pictures last forever though. It turned out a lot prettier than I had imagined it would and I love the moss ball curtain with orchids.
Angie always dreamed of a Cinderella wedding so naturally with the ceremony being outside Jaq and Gus Gus decided they had to be there too. Below the MOHs were getting ready to walk out and they saw the little mice along the path run in front of Kate. Love the look on Sunny's face.

Beautiful MOH. Beautiful Bride.
Not sure what Big Boy is looking at here. Awkward.

You can see my fat arm wiping a tear away. I did well though. The worst was when Angie's Grandpa first saw her and started crying. It was a year to the day that we had buried his wife, Angie's Grandma.
May God Bless this marriage.

Mr. & Mrs. Erik Jensen.
Yay!! Finally!
Thanks You Jesus for the beautiful weather!!!

Here are the Flower Girls and Ring Bearer Cousin Joey with the newly married couple. What a good looking group! I will be back to add more pics as they become available to me.

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