Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Dress(es)

This is Angie's dress. The one she finally decided to buy and wear. It was probably the second dress she tried on the first time we went dress shopping. She really liked it then but I was hoping for some sparkle so I guess I talked her into taking her time and trying more on before she made her final decision. She bought three dresses after that and then bought this one. That's right. She's a four dress bride. I suppose now that they are married it is OK to let Erik in on that little secret.
The good news is, She sold two of them already and almost got what she paid for both of them. This is a picture of her on that first day that she tried it on. I should have just let her buy it then and been done with it but somehow I think if she had bought it that day she may still have gone out and bought more.

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