Thursday, October 29, 2009

Computer Woes

Unfortunately, I am having computer problems at home and am having trouble signing into my blog account there. I can get into my blog here at my niece's house but all of my information and pictures are on my computer at home. I'm getting pretty fed up with it and I wish there was someone at home that could figure out the problem. We all seem to be dim-wits and have 4 computers at home right now that don't work. The only one that works is Angie's and she turned hers off when she went to San Francisco this week and I am afraid to touch it since we seem to screw them all up. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who has these problems and can't figure them out. I've never had computer classes and am pretty much self taught on these things besides what Angie has showed me. Am I the only one who can't seem to pay their bills on-line with out it taking 2 hours? I just paid my gas bill on-line for the first time and it was a breeze. However, when I try to pay a credit card on-line there always seems to be a problem. I can't for the life of me remember passwords or usernames for all of the sites I sign up for. When I right them down I invariably lose them and when I am asked the security questions I always seem to give them the wrong answer. How I can get my birthday wrong is beyond me. This is why I pay my bills through the mail. Though, right now I am out of checks and waiting for them to arrive in the mail so I have to pay some bills on-line until they come. Like a dummy, I ordered the checks on-line. Then after a week , they call and say I was missing a number for my account. So of course that caused another delay. I am drowning in paper work but trying to make payments on-line seems to be too hard for me. Does your computer ever make you feel like crying? I should say, do your bills ever make you feel like crying? I know, I need to set up automatic payments but I am sure if I did that my account would be constantly overdrawn. So this is the reason I haven't posted my Photography Blogger of the Week. But as soon as I get my computer working right, I will get right on that. I don't really want to start downloading pictures on someone else's computer since I seem to have a knack at screwing computers up. Maybe I can post some things I've been making at Polyvore. I have become addicted to that website. Thanks for letting me blow off steam. Ha,as if anybody is reading this. Oh well, it feels good to vent.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Amanda Wilcher Photographers

My Photographer Blogger of the Week is Downright Dirty/Sopisticated Amanda Wilcher Photographers from right here in Indianapolis. Amanda and her husband Kyle are very talented phographers with an awesome blog you need to visit often. These photos below of Jeff & Janelle's wedding came from there and once again prove my point that the color pink goes pretty much with every color you can imagine. Pretty stunning with yellow, I must say.

Oh and if you are a bride-to-be in Indianapolis you can actually meet them at the BRIDAL BOUTIQUE LUNCHEON on Oct. 25th. Details are on Erika Gregory's blog E-VENTS: A WEDDING AND EVENT PLANNING BOUTIQUE

MB Wedding Design & Events Celebrating Life

I've been checking out this website (Celebrating life an MB Wedding Designs Blog) and think it is pretty awesome. It's by Michelle Barrionuevo-Mazzini of San Francisco, California and I noticed she has an Image of the Week. I think that's a great idea and since I am always discovering new photographers in my search for outstanding wedding photos, I've decided to copy a bit from her and name a Photography Blog of the Week. That way I don't have to chose just one picture but maybe a few from one photographer. This week Michelle chose this picture for her image of the week by Brandy J Photography. Pretty adorable.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Erik the Wedding Photog

Here's handsome Erik walking down the aisle with someone other than Angie. He went to Montana a few weeks ago to be in his friend's wedding. He was sweet enough to send me these pictures he took for my blog. I love the one with the bride and groom beside the water. I guess I should have asked their names before I went and posted pictures of their wedding. I'll do that soon. Love the mountains in the background too. Thanks Erik and next time please don't forget to get a picture of the cake and a good close up of the centerpieces. Oh and the shoes. Shoes are a must take picture for wedding photographers. :) I know, it's not your desire to be a wedding photog. Erik is more a 3-D artist/designer. Some of his work was even shown on TV at the Neighborhood Ball for President Obama's Inauguration. You can check it out along with some of his other work by clicking the title of this post.

photos by Erik A. Jensen and/or his trusty camera
CGI artist/designer
+1 (630) 639 7349

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Fake Diamond Ring

So you want to ask her to marry you but are afraid that she'll hate whatever ring you pick out? If you want it to be a surprise but really want to know what type of ring she prefers, here's an idea. Give her a fake ring when you ask her with a note explaining how you want her to take her on a ring shopping date ASAP. Plus, if she says no, you are not stuck with an expensive ring that you can't return. I know, I'm just too practical. I thought these were fun though. They are from the Orange County Museum of Art.

select an option: black sky blue hot pink light pink white red teal turquoise fluorescent yellow orange
$115 (member price: $103.50)

This sterling silver and acrylic ring can be made in any size. Two sheets of silver sandwich a thick layer of acrylic that is available in black, sky blue, hot pink, light pink, white, red, teal, turquoise, fluorescent yellow and orange center. The diamond image is etched and oxidized on each side of the ring. There are soldered pegs that are invisible and securely hold the ring together.

Made to Order; Please Request Size and Color.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mixing It Up

We've been trying to think of something different to do in the wedding ceremony instead of the candle lighting or the sand pouring thing that usually takes place. Angie has seen too many candles not light or blow out and she's really not keen on the sand pouring either. I did peak her interest though when I showed her this picture of a couple mixing white and red wine at their ceremony. I found this on Robert and Kathleen's photography blog. Check out their beautiful pics by clicking on the title of this post. If any of you have any different ideas about what other things might take the place of the candle lighting during the ceremony please leave your comments below. We'd love to hear some different ideas.