Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Fake Diamond Ring

So you want to ask her to marry you but are afraid that she'll hate whatever ring you pick out? If you want it to be a surprise but really want to know what type of ring she prefers, here's an idea. Give her a fake ring when you ask her with a note explaining how you want her to take her on a ring shopping date ASAP. Plus, if she says no, you are not stuck with an expensive ring that you can't return. I know, I'm just too practical. I thought these were fun though. They are from the Orange County Museum of Art.

select an option: black sky blue hot pink light pink white red teal turquoise fluorescent yellow orange
$115 (member price: $103.50)

This sterling silver and acrylic ring can be made in any size. Two sheets of silver sandwich a thick layer of acrylic that is available in black, sky blue, hot pink, light pink, white, red, teal, turquoise, fluorescent yellow and orange center. The diamond image is etched and oxidized on each side of the ring. There are soldered pegs that are invisible and securely hold the ring together.

Made to Order; Please Request Size and Color.

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