Monday, October 12, 2009

Erik the Wedding Photog

Here's handsome Erik walking down the aisle with someone other than Angie. He went to Montana a few weeks ago to be in his friend's wedding. He was sweet enough to send me these pictures he took for my blog. I love the one with the bride and groom beside the water. I guess I should have asked their names before I went and posted pictures of their wedding. I'll do that soon. Love the mountains in the background too. Thanks Erik and next time please don't forget to get a picture of the cake and a good close up of the centerpieces. Oh and the shoes. Shoes are a must take picture for wedding photographers. :) I know, it's not your desire to be a wedding photog. Erik is more a 3-D artist/designer. Some of his work was even shown on TV at the Neighborhood Ball for President Obama's Inauguration. You can check it out along with some of his other work by clicking the title of this post.

photos by Erik A. Jensen and/or his trusty camera
CGI artist/designer
+1 (630) 639 7349

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