Sunday, October 18, 2009

Amanda Wilcher Photographers

My Photographer Blogger of the Week is Downright Dirty/Sopisticated Amanda Wilcher Photographers from right here in Indianapolis. Amanda and her husband Kyle are very talented phographers with an awesome blog you need to visit often. These photos below of Jeff & Janelle's wedding came from there and once again prove my point that the color pink goes pretty much with every color you can imagine. Pretty stunning with yellow, I must say.

Oh and if you are a bride-to-be in Indianapolis you can actually meet them at the BRIDAL BOUTIQUE LUNCHEON on Oct. 25th. Details are on Erika Gregory's blog E-VENTS: A WEDDING AND EVENT PLANNING BOUTIQUE


bridechic said...

Beautiful images

Susan said...

Love those old vintage launches and steamer type boats - so unique and romantic to be on the water too.

Christina Rodrigues said...

great photography!!!