Friday, October 8, 2010

More Ceremony and Cocktail Hour

Angie made up welcome bags for all of the guests who were staying all night at the Union. They were filled with treats and Bloomington info and such. She also included a "Do Not Disturb" sign for the guests' doors for the next morning. From the looks of how many she had left at the desk the next morning there were quite a few guests who didn't receive theirs though.

My BFF Barb took this picture from her hotel room which looked into the ceremony site. Most all of these pictures in this post are from her camera and my friends Jeanie and Dave's cameras.
Thanks you guys!!

Before the trip down the aisle.

Here comes the Bride!!

"Best you take good care of my baby Son."

Maid of Honor Natalie aka (Sunny) looks on. A bridesmaid bouquet.
The Kiss.

The Joy.
Time to celebrate!!
Big Boy and I were celebrating our 28th Anniversary on the day that Angie & Erik were married. It wasn't planned that way , just sort of worked out that way. This is Barb and Phil. They've been married even longer than us. These two were the ones who fixed us up on a blind date like 35 years ago. Quite a handsome couple, don't you think?
Phil loves to fish... Phil loves beer. I think Phil liked the name of this beer (Bass) that was served here at the cocktail hour in the Solarium at the Union.

Angie had them serve a couple of Signature drinks. The Jensen & Tonic and The Perfect Pear.
Of course she made the sign to match her linens and her invitations. (I need to show you those invitations when I find the pics.)

Angie decorated these "We Do" stir sticks.
I actually just found a picture of the inside of the invitation. Here it is right here. Angie worked hard on them and we heard a lot of raves about them. Of course the front had her A*E logo on them. Somebody liked their drink. (It wasn't me) I switched to wine.

Here I am with my friend Dave from High School trying a signature drink when I got to the cocktail hour. Looks like I should have insisted on a hair cut when I went to the salon a few days before. The girl wouldn't cut it though that close to the wedding. That little heart clutch in my hand I bought for Angie. But since she evidently didn't want it I put to to use myself. Yes, that drink was sour.
Below from left to right is Big Boy with my BFFs Gloria, Brenda and her husband Kevin, myself and Barb. I think Big Boy should wear a tux more often.

You'd think with all the time we had to plan this wedding that we would have known what we were putting on the cocktail tables, but Angie didn't seem to care about them much so I ran out and bought limes to cut up and put in the vases that morning. Luckily for me Diondra from Social Butterfly came in to get some boxes for the place card table and found me trying to cut up limes. She decided to use whole ones in the taller vases because we just didn't have time to be slicing limes. She took all of the vases and limes and flowers out of my room and told me to let her take care of it. Thanks God or I probably would have had a nervous breakdown before it was all over, since I was supposed to be in the Bridal Suite having my hair and make-up done.

Here I am with more BFFs Penny and Debbie (who picked out my dress and made me wear my hair up) along with my mom Janet and my sister-in-law Patty. I'm lovin my mom's dress.

Another beer with a funny name. Erik is quite fond of special brews.

Cocktail Hour has come to a close. Thanks for joining us.

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