Friday, August 28, 2009

Danielle & Travis' Reception

My friend Penny's daughter Danielle was married a few weeks ago on the beach in Cabo. She had her reception here at The Columns. She hadn't planned on doing any decorating. She wanted the bare minimum as far as costs and stress. I told her I had plenty of shells and we could do the beach theme for her reception. She finally said I could after realizing that I wasn't planning on using beach balls and rafts and after being told she wasn't allowed to help. The Columns is a nice place but very old. There are a lot of steps and no elevators. That was the hardest part, going up and down those stairs. We didn't have much time at all to decorate so I had to move fast. Then after getting in there I saw a lot more ugly than I had seen the first time I was there. I ended up going back an hour before the reception and replaced some of the old silk flowers they had everywhere with some flowers and shells and candles. For runners I just bought some wide sea blue organza ribbon and crossed them on the tables. Instead of coloring the water in the vases I used some of the ribbon in them too. I borrowed vases from my niece Andrea that she had used at her wedding. But there was a lot more tables to decorate than I had thought since the upstairs holds little tables. I bought small round clear vases and turned over some old dessert glasses from my mom's moving sale and placed the vases on them to make them taller and look fancier.

The Sweetheart Table

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bridechic said...

The sea shell theme is something I've been thinking about lately because I have a few beach brides all wanting nautical themes. Thanks for sharing and I'll pass this on . . .