Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fabulous Dessert Buffet

OK, this is the most lavish dessert buffet I have ever seen. It is so awesome, I am posting it twice. I would love to know who made all of these unique desserts. You have got to go check it out if you haven't already. With this tiny picture it is hard to see the details so click on it to make it bigger or better yet click the link and look at the rest of Bobbi and Mike's beautiful blog. Bobbi and Mike, as if you didn't already know are an awesome couple who are top notch photographers here in Indiana. They will be photographing my daughter Angie's wedding. In fact Angie has been following their blog for years. They were the one thing in this wedding she said she would not do without.
Their blog was my first introduction into the world of blogs. Not only are they great photographers but Bobbi really has a way with words that show what a fun personality she has. I can't wait to see Angie & Erik on her blog. Luckily Angie and her sister Sunny are very photogenic. They didn't inherit their parents' un-photogenic genes. I hate to get my picture taken so I am definitely going to have to lose weight before Angie's wedding so I don't have to cringe when the camera comes around. Best I get started on that soon.

Bobbi and Mike are also photographing Nicole's wedding in a couple of days. (Nicole from the shower in a previous post) It should be lots of fun and I am looking forward to it except for the fact that I need to lose 30lbs and find a dress to wear and buy a gift still. I plan on taking a few pictures myself that night.

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