Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eric & Kate Engaged! Congratulations!

Well, you know how the other day I said we were expecting Eric to pop the big question any day now? Well, He DID! It was either the very day I posted that or the next, I can't remember now. Here's what Kate had to say about it in her own words.
" Thank you Thank you!!!! It was a fabulous day, just perfect. Eric asked me on Wednesday if I wanted to have a date night on Saturday. Get really dressed up have a nice dinner then go to a movie, so we did and it was wonderful. When we got back were having wine on the porch just talking. Then we came inside and sat on the couch, Eric then gave me a hug and told me how perfect our day was, I said you know it really was. He then said "Actually I think that I have something that will make it even more perfect," and he pulled out the ring! By that time he was down on his knee :) He went on Friday night and asked my parents, so I called them because they were (ok my mom) was stressing out waiting for the call. It was absolutely perfect though. Great job Eric! We are very , very happy for you both. Don't forget to send a picture of the ring (which is what I was waiting on to post this but gave up.)

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