Friday, August 21, 2009

More of Andy & Nicole's Wedding

This is Nicole and Andy. They were married on Aug.7, 2009 in the Illinois Street Ballroom at The Crowne Plaza Hotel at Union Station in Indianapolis. Angie was a bridesmaid in their wedding. They make a beautiful couple don't they?

I turned around at one point in the night to see Nicole with her back to me talking to someone at the table behind me. I had to get a shot of her gorgeous hair. Looks like a lot of complicated weaving going on there.

This is the stage that was set up for their wedding. All of the flowers I believe were done by Kathy's Kloset.

Here's the ceremony taking place. It was the quickest wedding I think I've ever been to in my life. And that made more than a few men very happy.

This is Kristin and Dave. Kristin is Nicole's Matron of Honor and her sister. Kristin and Nicole are two of triplets. Jeremy, their brother was a groomsmen. Kristin and Nicole shared an apartment with Angie along with their friend Kate when they were all going to Indiana University. Kristin and Dave were married last year and of course the three other girls were in her wedding as well. When Angie gets married, God willing, they will all be in her wedding also.

I had to get a picture of Kristen's beautiful doo too.

And this ladies and gentlemen is Angie's fiance Erik. He's kind of cute isn't he? They make a pretty couple. The bad thing is, they both have thick dark hair and not just on their heads. I'm sure my future grandchildren will be as hairy as a gorillas.

And here we have the other roomie, Kate. This is her boyfriend Eric whom we expect anytime to be popping the big question. Pretty sure he won't be reading my blog so it's OK for me to say that, I think. Another very handsome couple.

After the ceremony we were led into a large hall area where drinks and hors d'oeuvres were served. This little foodie decor was on one of the trays passing by so I made Erik grab a shot of it. He just bought himself a nice new camera. I wish He would have taken more pictures of the food but Erik just wanted to enjoy himself and not be used for his camera. So I dropped it, for awhile anyway.

This is Colleen. She is Kate's sister. Her parents are on the right there and I just noticed that Big Boy's nose(my husband's) and my mouth and nose are there on the left. Andy and Nicole had a picture there for us to sign behind Colleen and I'm sorry Nicole but I have really bad handwriting so I am not sure if I even did get it signed. Colleen and her parents sat at the same table as Big Boy and I and Erik and Eric.

While we were enjoying Cocktail Hour the staff was flipping the room. The reception was in the same room as the wedding but when the doors were opened to let us back in it was a whole new room. Here is the bride and groom as they were announced along with pictures of the head table.

The gorgeous flowers were done by Kathy's Kloset.

The Program

Here we have Andy and Nicole's first dance. I'll have to ask Angie what the song was because I forget............ I just asked her. It was Nothing Fancy by Dave Barnes. I'll get it on youtube and put it up on the blog so you can hear it.

I saw these two flower girls watching them dance and could just imagine them dreaming of their own wedding someday to their own Prince Charming. Standing there taking a picture of the dance is the famous Bobbi Sheridan. She's famous to these four former roommates, that's for sure. Oh shoot, I didn't even realize that Mike is in there too.

I've heard about Bobbi and Mike's blog for years. So when I saw them sitting behind me at a very near table I took the opportunity to ask if I could get a picture of the famous couple. They were more than happy to oblige and even fixed Erik's camera so I could get a clearer shot of them. So I snapped away. Thanks Bobbi and Mike!

Here we have pictures of the garter toss..sort of. It looks to me as though Erik is the most eager guy out there to catch it. But he didn't.

He was quite the lady's man that night though, with more than one girl sitting on his lap that evening.

This is a picture of the seating chart. Even though it was a buffet, having a seating chart cuts way down on the mass confusion of people trying to figure out who to sit with. I thought this was clean, simple and elegant. Not to mention quite easy to find your seat, since we were all listed alphabetically.

The tall centerpieces on the tables were just gorgeous!. They were tall square vases filled with green apples with the green Spider Mums and pink Gerber Daisies, Belles of Ireland,etc....and branches. I really loved them. It was probably the pink that made me so fond of them. :)

Here we are at our table. That's Kate and Colleen's parents with us. That's the back of my head there next to Big Boy. Looks like I need to get to the hairdresser for a cleaner cut.

Everyone had a good time dancing especially Angie. They made me get on the floor when Living on a Prayer came on, but it really isn't the easiest of Bon Jovi songs to dance to. There in the background is Andy's mother and his mamaw watching Angie and Erik dance and looking as if they may be wanting to cut in.

This was something I have not seen before. They had different kinds of cobbler set out after the cake was cut. Naturally, I put some blackberry cobbler on top of my cake to add some extra lard to my midsection.

All in all, it was a very fun evening out. Congratulations Andy and Nicole! Thanks for letting us be a part of it! Oh, and I must add that all picture credits go to Erik Jensen and or his brand new camera. :)

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Kate McMahon said...

Well, Eric and I are sitting here, just reading through the blog and about died when we read it :) He loved it and said he'll be reading all the time just in case he pops up again!!