Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Wedding Rehearsal

Thought I'd post some pictures of Nicole and Andy's wedding rehearsal. I was told Angie (who has trained as a Wedding Planner) kind of took charge with the rehearsal since the wedding coordinators at the venue decided to leave when the wedding party showed up.

I love how the men are all intently listening to directions in this picture.

I'm not sure in this picture if they are too thrilled about the instructions though.

Looks like even the minister is getting directions from Angie.

Here's Nicole's Dad practicing giving his last remaining child still living at home away. Sort of bittersweet, I'm sure.
The Rehearsal Kiss

After rehearsal they were on their way to dinner at Santorini's Greek Kitchen. Erik caught a shot of Angie on her way with the bag Nicole gave each of the girls along with those sunglasses and some flip flops.
Some of Santorini's Food! I heard it was Fantastic!

Here are the girls the next day getting their hair done at Savvy Salon the next morning.

You are a beautiful girl Nicole, but I am glad they didn't leave you hair like this for your wedding!

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