Sunday, August 9, 2009

Zipper Disaster

OK, while I am waiting on some photos to be sent my way from Nicole and Andy's wedding, I would like to give brides a little advice about their bridesmaids. When your bridesmaid picks up her dress from where it was ordered, insist on seeing her in it as soon as possible with the shoes she will be wearing in the wedding. Angie was a bridesmaid the other night and she had picked up her dress a few months ago. I couldn't believe that she waited until one week before the wedding to try it on. I could barely get it zipped and was very concerned about the zipper busting. Also it was too long so Angie had to take it to get it altered. Unfortunately, She was told that it couldn't be let out. Luckily, She did get it hemmed in time for the wedding though.
On the day of the wedding as the girls were getting ready, you guessed it. The zipper busted open. Some of the other bridesmaids scrambled to try to fix it without the bride finding out. Luckily she was putting on her wedding dress at the time. From what I could see, they used a great big safety pin or two to pin it together. The fact that Angie was wearing her hair down that day helped conceal the potential disaster. It's a good thing Angie interned as a wedding planner in college and she knew to give the bride an emergency kit for a shower gift, full of things that might be needed in case something unforseen were to happen. Good thing she put in those safety pins. (More on that soon)
I'm no expert but it may be advisable to order a dress a bit big rather than one that is too tight. I would think it would be easier to take a dress in when altering it rather than letting it out. When Angie tried the dress on at the store before she ordered it, I told her she may want to get a size bigger because the zipper was hard to get up then. But it didn't look or feel tight so she didn't. So if you are having trouble zipping a dress up when you are ordering sizes, it might be wise to order the next size up.

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