Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kel-Belle's 7th Birthday

This is my great-niece Kelsey. Kelsey is ate up with Harry Potter at the moment. She was turning seven and wanted me to do her tablescape in the Harry Potter theme. I have never seen a Harry Potter film or read a Harry Potter book. Spells and wizards are not my idea of fun. I don't like to mess with that kind of thing, knowing the power of good and evil. I prefer to call on the power of God and I know that wizards aren't of God. Needless to say, my heart was not into designing this table. But I did find it a bit of a challenge so I searched the Internet to see what kind of ideas I could get from other people's Harry Potter parties. Without the Internet, I would be lost. I found some very helpful websites and will try to list the ones I can remember.
I was surprised at how well it turned out, though pictures never seem to capture what it looks like in person. Kelsey's glasses I found at the Dollar Store. They happen to come with a red nose but I didn't tell Kelsey that. The wands I made out of some bamboo I had at home. I just took hot glue and made a handle and designs on them with the glue and then spray painted them. .
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I had this old birdcage at home and also already had a stained glass owl light for some reason. I just painted it's head white and when you tuned it on his eyes light up red. I bought the stuffed owl puppet before I realized I actually already had an owl at home. The star quilt belonged to Angie when she was in college. I hung it over the big window in Kelsey's kitchen to make it darker and more of a wizard wonderland. The sheet I hung on the ceiling along with some webs and spiders I found at Good-Will.

I found this snake at a local party store who had their Halloween decor half-off. Costumes weren't half-off so I never got a witch or wizard hat bought. I had planned on making a sorting hat but ended up with having Kelsey visit the night before her birthday so there were a few things I didn't get made that were supposed to go on the table. Such as the hat, some scrolls and a feather ink pen and ink well. This tie I found at The Salvation Army store along with some black robes that I covered the chairs with. I then took twine and hung brooms on the back of the kid's chairs that I had picked up at The Dollar Store.
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To find these love potion labels copy and paste this link if it doesn't work
I found other labels here & just mod-podged them onto old bottles and jars. The two brown bottles are actually Dad's Root-Beer from The Dollar Store. Of course I can't find them now but if you Google search Harry Potter Parties or labels you'll find some.
I found some here too.

I found some great labels here on this website too.
The swamp fog was really water mixed with a tad bit of milk.

The Golden Snitch

Bat Skeletons are really Ramen Noodles.

This is a great website for ideas and labels. I'm not sure where I copied these book covers from but I probably found them through this website.

This is Kelsey's sister Emma. Emma is a girl of few words. When she talks, you listen. Emma paid me my highest compliment when she walked in from school, looked at the table, looked at me and said "That's impressive." Isaac walked in behind her and said "Whoa, That is impressive." Sigh, my mission was complete. Kel-Belle just kept smiling and saying "Cool"

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