Friday, June 25, 2010

Another MOB Dress

So, it's been awhile since I've posted. I haven't been into the blogging thing lately. I've been a little preoccupied with real life and the hours in a day it doesn't seem to provide enough of. Anyway, I bought another MOB dress when I went to make a payment on the other one. This one is the third one I've bought. Dare I say, I'm becoming like my daughter in this area. I took the second one back when I saw the look on Big Boy's face when he saw me in it and exclaimed "I thought you were wearing the green one. The wedding colors are green and you should wear the green one!" Of course Big Boy had been drinking a few beers prior to his walking in the door to me in this gold/taupe dress. He then went and took a shower as I changed into my jammies. When he came out of the restroom I said "Just so you know, the green dress costs about $200 more than the gold one." He says "Then you should wear the gold one." Of course I took the gold one back. The look on his face when he walked in told me to do that. But I did love the beading on it. And it had a shaw type wrap thing full of beads that I just loved because it covered the fat flaws on my arms and back. I loved the beading on the bottom of it too. The top of the dress didn't do a lot for me but if I covered up with the wrap I really liked it. But, I took it back. So, I went to pay on Debbie's charge because she is the one who bought the green one for me. Of course I had to look and low and behold on the clearance rack was the same dress as the gold dress only in purple. I actually tried it on in the store and walked around in front of strangers in the dressing room in it and got a compliment from one of them. I brought it home. I bought shoes while there at Von Maur to go with both dresses. Now I need to lose 25 pounds and decide which one I am wearing. I'd better do it quick too because Angie said the other day that the wedding is 70 days out. I've had way over a year and only lost 5 lbs so far. Anyway here is the purple dress. It is sleeveless under that wrap.

These are the shoes I bought to go with this dress.

These are the shoes I bought to go with the green dress. Needless to say the ones for the purple dress are more comfortable.
Half of the reason I haven't been blogging lately is because when it comes to adding enclosure links I have been having a very hard time figuring out how to do it on this old Apple computer Angie gave me. Erik is here today and helped me learn something about it that I never knew. Bless his heart. Maybe now blogging will be easier for me. Angie and Erik are getting ready to leave to go to Erik's best friend's wedding which is tomorrow. Congratulations to Kenny and Katelynn! I can't wait to see the pictures from it. After that Erik's parents are taking them to the Dominican Republic so Angie can meet Tita's family. A lot of them won't be able to travel here for the wedding. Angie has sent most of her invitations out and we are already getting RSVPs back in the mail. She still has to find some addresses though so they are not all out. I will soon post pics of them. She made them herself with the help of Kinko's. She's had lots of compliments on them. The people at Kinko's were really impressed. In case you don't want to search for the green one, here it is again.


Kate McMahon said...

I love them both. I do have an idea, whichever you don't wear to Ang's you could always wear a month later ;)

I think you will also look fabulous without losing 25lbs. But that's just my opinion :)

@Sandytables said...

Thanks Kate. I don't want to look like the mother of the bride at your wedding though. One of them has to go back. They cost too much.