Friday, January 29, 2010

Cupcake Clutch.....Weddings & Pretty Things

I found this cupcake clutch over at the Weddings & Pretty Things Blog. I thought Angie, being the Cupcake Queen that she is might think this was fun. Maybe someday she might find it on my blog. If I can figure out where to buy one for her, I may. Until then it will be our little secret. I've been finding all kinds of fun blogs lately and Weddings & Pretty Things is one of them. If you get time, check it out.
Oh wait, I found out where to buy one of these Judith Leiber Strawberry Cupcake Clutches. They are at Nieman Marcus and they are only $4295.00 Uh-huh. Umm, don't hold your breath Ang.

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