Friday, January 1, 2010

Nickel City Studios

Just when I make a resolution to stay off of the computer or at least spend less time on it and get myself organized around here, I stumble upon a photography blog that has me spending hours scrolling through. Just when I decide to quit naming a photography blog of the week, I start finding more amazing photographers. These pictures are off the Nickel City Studios blog. They were captured by another husband-wife team who really know how to snap the special moments and emotions of the wedding day. These pictures here might not be the best examples of the moments and emotions but if you go check out their work you'll see for yourself. I tend to like looking at the decor of the weddings so I grabbed these off of their blog. I love the way their blog rolls so smoothly. Some blogs take forever to load on my computer but with this one I never had to wait. Alyssa and Rich Mattingly have a very interesting and entertaining way of talking you through the photos by taking turns commenting on each other's work amongst other things. I spent so much time just looking that I didn't really get a whole lot of information on these two. I gather they are based in Buffalo, New York. Or perhaps Nickel City? I'm sure I will be returning many times in the future to this blog and I am fighting the urge to go now and look and read some more but there are Christmas decorations here screaming to be put away. Have a Happy New Year of Blog-Stalking!

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Rich said...

Thank you so much!!!! - R + A :)