Sunday, January 10, 2010

I love This Dress

When I saw this dress on this bridesmaid model I immediately thought "That's the dress I want to wear at Angie's wedding." I found out after some investigation that it belonged to Melissa Haggerty's grandmother and she found it in an old trunk just days before she was to produce this Coco Chanel inspired spread in Wedluxe Magazine. So it's just another "I can't win" moment for me.

photos by ikonica.

Melissa has her own blog 'She Said Spectacular' on which I found these "spectacular" chartreuse vases and candelabras from Contemporary Furniture Rentals. I would love to use these for Angie's wedding but somehow I already know that it won't be possible before even investigating it. Pretty sure there is no Contemporary Furniture Rental in Indy and the cost of shipping these from wherever would be too much of an expense but I will go ahead and look into it anyway soon. But then again my mother, the 'Spray Paint Queen' always said "If you can't find something in the color you want a can of spray paint is usually a perfect solution."
Look at me. I finally figured out how to add the inclosure links to things. Guess I'd better go back and add some to the rest of the blog, huh?

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