Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eva is 5 today!

Here are a couple of pictures of Eva's 5th birthday celebration with her part-time babysitter (me). She was thrilled to be treated like a little princess. My daughter Natalie snapped these with her Blackberry. Hopefully someone will upload me some from the other cameras we used and get them to me soon. The table really looked more awesome in person if I do say so myself. I had fun decorating it at my niece's house. My niece helped me too, especially by providing some cobalt blue anchor hocking dessert dishes that she had stored away and had never used. I thought it really made the table pop and don't know how it would have looked if she hadn't brought those out. I didn't want to spend a lot of money and was trying to get by with what I already had at home to decorate with. These chair covers (which need ironed by the way) are really tablecloths that we just threw over the chairs and wrapped a bow around. I will show more details soon. Next week is Eva's brother Ezra's 7th birthday. I am planning on using the lizards, frogs & insects theme, since those are a few of his favorite things. I don't really know what I am going to use on the chairs though. I don't think he would go for the girly chair covers. I don't really know what I am using on the table either but I do know I am going to be making some dirt pudding with gummy worms in a bucket for him. Hopefully I will have pictures soon. I am wanting to go into the children's party business. I may have to look into a government grant though to get started unless someone out there wants to give me a loan. :)

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Christina Rodrigues said...

what lovely decorations :) have a great week !