Monday, December 14, 2009

Demetrios Bride

I spent last evening looking at bride dresses at As you can see I am a little partial to the mermaid style dress. I am in love with a couple of these. Demetrios has just about any kind of dress you could want from sexy (verging on sleazy) to classy and sophisticated to fun and funky to princess for a day. Personally, I like a lot of detail and bling on my wedding dresses . However, my daughter Angie likes clean & simple so you won't be finding her wearing any of these on her wedding day. Though she has had a tough time making up her mind as to what she will wear. This first dress just says to me "I am SO READY to have fun at my reception. Let's get this party on!"

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Flower Design Jane said...

That's a diverse selection of very beautiful gowns!