Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On a Peacock Kick

I had a small dinner party over the holidays and did the table in peacock colors to go with my peacock tree that I had in the sun room. Angie was having a peacock New Years Eve party and I did a table in peacock for my friend Jeanie earlier so it gave me an excuse to buy peacock feathers and give them multiple uses. Unfortunately the only pictures came from Sunny's phone of my table. Erik took one of the tree with his camera. Notice the difference in quality? I still don't have pics from Jeanie's table and no one took pictures of Angie's apartment and it looked so cool the way she had it decorated. I am going to buy myself a camera soon so I won't have to rely on others. These green chargers were going to be used for Angie's wedding but when we picked them up from Hobby Lobby nine tenths of them were chipped all up. So we nixed that idea. The napkin rings I made for Jeanie's party. I found rings at the Christmas Tree Shop for 25 cents and glued a plastic purple orchid to it with a peacock feather and a sparkly green leaf. The shrimp cocktail were put in the purple sundae cups from Emma's party along with the cocktail sauce.

The green vase held lots of real peacock feathers along with fake sparkly ones. Too bad we can't see it in the pic.

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