Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Now You Know How I Feel"

  • I have a confession to make. I've been a bad Christian lately. I'm not proud of it. I'm just stating the facts. I haven't been spending my time with God. I haven't been going to church much lately and since my eyes have gone bad I rarely open my bible to try read what He has to say to me. In fact, He has brought to my attention recently just how little time I've spent with him since the day a computer entered my home. Even less time has been spent since "twitter" came along and since I started this blog. Every since "All About the Tables" started, it's been pretty much just that. All about the tables and all about me.
Sure, I still pray (for others) and remember to thank Him when I feel blessed or when he answers my calls for help. But not like I used to. I don't feel that closeness that we once had and I know it is not God's fault. It's because I don't make the time for Him.

The closest I feel to Him is when I'm listening to K-Love on the radio and that is usually when I am in my car or alone at home.... which are both pretty rare.

Anyway, it makes me sad and I know it makes Him sad too. How do we like it when our children obviously don't want to spend time with us?

I was looking at the stats to this blog again a few minutes ago and noticed once again that though there seems to be more visitors than I would expect in a day, there is rarely a visitor that spends much time here. Zero seconds is about as much time as most people spend here. I actually heard myself as I was reading these stats say out loud, "Nobody wants to spend anytime with me." Immediately I heard God speak into my spirit "Now you know how I feel. When was the last time you read my word? When was the last time you went to see what I had to say?" How much time have you been spending with me?

Immediately, I felt convicted about how much time I spend on this silly blog like it makes me be somebody. When in fact, I know I already am somebody. Albeit undeserving, I am a child of The Most High God and I have a platform right here to tell others about Christ that I have never really used. So I decided to follow His prompting and try to make it up to Him by writing this little post that maybe only one person will read. But then again maybe that one person is who God wants me to write it for.

People have asked me why I believe in God. I would have to say that it's because He believed in me first. He is the one that has made me believe. I've always heard Him speak. But I haven't heard Him speak quite like that in awhile. It's because I haven't been listening. That's the key. You have to be still and listen.

You can hear Him too..... can't you?

I'm going to get off this computer now and try to spend some time with a Father that I surely don't deserve but do love. Thanks for reading.

Look God! A post with no pictures! :)

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