Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hi...I am a blogger blogging blind.

Hi, Welcome to my Blog. I have been reading blogs so much lately that I decided I would try to make my own, though I haven't a clue to as what I am doing. My name is Sandy and my oldest daughter Angie is getting married Labor Day weekend of 2010.

She studied as a Wedding Planner when she went to Indiana University and we have been a little obsessed with weddings and party planning every since. She is very organized and I am very unorganized. She is about the planning and I am about the decorating. She likes the decorating too but that is all I like. I am not into getting you to the church on time or making sure you have dress tape on your wedding day. I would like to be at the reception and help decorate though. Maybe one of these days after we get through the next year and a half we will start a business together. Right now I am doing parties and weddings for friends when need be usually for free. I will dig up some pictures to post of some of the things we have done already. A good camera is on my list of things to buy so that I will actually have my own pictures and not have to rely on others to get the shots I want. I was just thinking back to a 50th Anniversary Party I did a couple of years ago and realized that I never even saw any pictures of it. My next project is a friend's daughter's wedding in August. She is getting married in Cabo but having the reception here in Indianapolis. I suggested we do the beach theme since she is getting married on the beach and I have lots of shells and vases. Sand I can buy. I watch kids all day long so I am going to have to learn to manage my blogging time. Right now the house is a mess and the laundry awaits but there is also a new wedding show on in the other room, so I am going to have to go watch it. It is called Wedding Day. I will be posting some pics soon of the last party I did which was a 75th Birthday Party for my mother. We made it into an Art of the Table Party for her since we (she) had so much fun going to the Art of the Table at the Indiana Museum of Art this year. Hope to get some of those up soon, thanks for dropping in.

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