Friday, February 19, 2010

DIY Flowers for Under $8.00

My niece Jenny had a little baby boy the other day so I picked up a small bunch of flowers at Target while I was there because I knew my mother and I were planning on visiting them the next day. I didn't have a clue what I was going to do with them but I thought they were pretty and they were only $4.99. The next day before we left I wondered what I should put them in. I saw an empty cookie tin left over from Christmas that needed to go away so I grabbed an old bouquet oasis I had in the garage, soaked it in some water and anchored it with some sticky stuff at the top of the can. Then I cut the flowers and stuck them in the oasis and found some ribbon around here and stuck it on there along with a tag I had that was looking for a home. I thought it turned out pretty cool for no more than it cost and it looked way better than any of the expensive little bud vases they had in the hospital gift shop. (if I do say so myself)
They may not be great quality flowers but they served their purpose and should live at least a couple of days. What's great is the can was without water so it was really lightweight and transported easily.

This is my mom Great-Grandma Janet holding handsome baby Luke, who weiged 6lbs 120z.

I think He's a keeper!

This is Luke's big sister Adison with their daddy Don. Adi is going to be one of Angie's flower girls this September.

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