Sunday, February 28, 2010

Penny's 50TH Birthday

This is my friend Penny as she walked into her surprise party for her 50TH birthday.
Her sister (& my friend) Debbie is there beside her. Debbie and Danielle,Penny's daughter threw the party at Danielle'd house. Danielle said I could bring the centerpiece's for the tables.

I think we pulled it off and Penny was totally surprised.

I brought my trusting paper lanterns left over from the baby shower and hung them along with the swirly things that I had bought at the Dollar Tree. I only had an hour or so before the party so I didn't have time to get carried away with the decor. The flowers on the table were suppose to be in two different vases but I didn't have enough of the yellow to make the dome shape I was going for, so I added the roses to the top of it. I found a pink bottle in my party room that I had bought for about a dollar recently and stuck it in that and glued a 50 is Nifty button on it. The clear acrylic box I bought at the Flower Factory with the black liner in it for $1.00. I took three of the yellow flower heads and laid them in it and put the vase on top for added height. The yellow flowers (I'm not sure what they even are) I bought at Meijer for $5.99 and the roses I bought there for $9.99.

The candle holders are from The Christmas Tree Shop and they've been sitting in the wedding/party room for quite awhile waiting to be used somewhere. The candles I got at Hobby Lobby on clearance for .69 cents each. Their bling was falling of so I took them off and added my bracelets in their place.

I wish I had remembered to take photos of the food. Debbie made most of it and it was delicious. We used my tall glasses here for the chips and snack mix to make more room on the island for food.

The other centerpices were potted tulips that I bought for $5.99 each at Meijer. I just added some polka dot paper to go with the runners (really just folded fabric) I brought from home.


Bill said...

You did a great job coordinating the vibrant colors of all your decorations. Very festive! I really like the way you've used the tall margarita-type glasses as containers for chips and snack mix. As you said, it frees up space on the refreshments table, and it's a great look!
Your centerpiece is beautiful! Nicely done.


@Sandytables said...

Thanks Bill! That means a lot coming from such a talented tablescaper as yourself. Thanks for becoming a follower too!

Bill said...

Hi Sandy,

You're too kind, Sandy. And I think you're pretty doggone talented! I didn't see an e-mail address on your profile, so I'm replying here. Hope that's OK.

Thank you for adding my button to your sidebar. Did you just do that? I didn't notice it earlier.


Bon said...

Loving your blog. Thanks for dropping by ours too!
Bon @ Drab to Fab