Sunday, March 7, 2010

Art of the Table 2010

Table design by Entertaining with a Flair-317-576-9547 floral design by Bella's Blooms 317-362-7841

So, last year we all went to the Art of the Table and I posted some pictures of tables on my blog quite awhile after the fact because I had found some pictures of it on my daughter's camera. I didn't know who to give the credit to for doing any of the tables since it was so long after the fact and I didn't even think about having a blog when we were at Art of the Table. I did however say on my blog for anyone responsible for any of the tables that I posted to please let me know so that I could give them their due credit for it. Of course no one did because very few people even look at my blog, let alone read it. I never tried to make it sound like I did the tables myself. Well, evidently I must have upset some of the planners or someone else did because this year we weren't allowed to take pictures.
I started this blog without a clue as to what I was doing and have learned much in the process and am trying not to make the same mistakes that I did at first. Please forgive me if you feel that I took something of yours and didn't give you the credit. From now on there will only be things on here that I know whom to give the credit to and if you are actually reading this please leave me a comment and prove me wrong that nobody actually reads it.

With that being said, this year was not only disappointing because we weren't allowed to take pictures but they didn't serve hors d'oeurves as stated on the ticket and we actually had to shell out money for a glass of wine after shelling out money to get in. (actually, let me give the credit and thanks for my ticket to get in to planner Katasha from K Sherrie+Company Planning Atelier) Along with the lack of food and lack of free champagne there was also what seemed to be a lack of tables this year. We had so looked forward to this event and were really disappointed. It was nothing like last year. Perhaps we drank too much last year and had too good of a time. Maybe we ate more than our share of Wolfgang's crab cakes. By the way, they did away with Wolfgang too. At least we knew about Puck in advance and were trying our best to deal with it. To be fair there was a small candy buffet there put out by Sweetest Candy Buffets. A few of the ladies welcomed picture taking so I did get a few to show you.

This first awesome table is by Pam Monahan & Karen Abbott from Entertaining with a Flair. 317-576-9547 (For some reason I am having trouble getting their link to work) They called it Design with Oranges and Greens to reflect a bride's wish to design the reception room with her favorite colors. The gorgeous florals are by Bella's Blooms.317-362-7841

These green cylinder vases with candles in them had initials monogrammed on them. I loved the table wrap with the couples nuptials cut out and going around the table. This would be great for a candy buffet or cake table. Too bad they can't patent that idea. (Can they?) It looks like a lot of work. These ladies have some very creative ideas. Thank you ladies for letting me post your table on here.

I love the custom decorated flower girl basket and the chair tie embellishments! If you can't get their website to come up like I can't you can email Pam at

This next table is inspired by the Show Twilight I believe. It was another of my favorites and for some reason didn't make into the brochure so I am glad I picked up the information for it. It is titled The Cullen Wedding and is put together by designer Rebecca Raymond from the Omni Severin Hotel (phone number 317-396-3643)
The floral designer is Brenda Williams, Rue de Fluers, 317-370-4376 and the stationary designer who put together this menu looking card that I am reading all the information from is Jackie Bilskie, TEN:THIRTEEN Design, 317-379-1699

I am in love with the idea of raising the centerpiece up on this mirror by using cylinder vases. Pretty awesome. I also love the mirrored chargers and the crystal candlesticks. Lots of sparkle, yet very classy.
The menu cards and custom wine labels added a subtle hint of (vampire blood) color.

This is the way to do a chair tie, is it not?

This table was a group favorite amongst the ladies I went with. It is inspired by Audrey Hepburn and named My Fair Lady. The Conrad Indianapolis' own Amanda Coffey (317-424-2558) designed this table along with floral designer David Strohmeyer from McNamara Florist.
It had quite an elegant feel to it. Very impressive and classy.

Another beautifully done chair tie with embellishment.

Each place setting had either a rolled cigar favor for the men or a cigarette holder for the women.

Loved the pearl chargers too!
Thanks to all of the ladies who let me post their tables on here. (Update: I went back and deleted any posts on any Art of the Tables pics. If you know yours were on here and want them reposted with credit or have any you would want me to post I would love to do that.)


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I love the paper table trim! How clever! I am tucking this idea away! Thanks!

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The white ribbon with the orchid is stunning!