Saturday, March 13, 2010

Irony & Art of the Tables Past

I've always been a fan of ironic humor. I even studied it in a humor class in high-school.(I always took the easiest classes I could so I'd get good grades) Ironically, that fooled me into thinking I was smart when in reality if I had taken some challenging classes maybe my brain would work better today and maybe I would be doing something a little more financially rewarding than babysitting. I didn't even take a full year of typing in high-school because I never wanted to sit on my butt all day in front of a computer. Ironically, that's what I love to do now and I'm regretting not taking a typing course. I'm no longer such a fan of irony. It seems to follows me around, day in, day out. Sure, it's funny if it's on a sit-com about a can't win loser that you're watching on television but it's not so funny when you'd swear you were playing the lead role in that sit-com. Not a day goes by that at some point in the day I'm not looking over my shoulder expecting Ashton Kutcher to jump out and yell "You've been punked!" I had another of those ironic moments yesterday when I was looking through a bag of papers I found tucked away in my abyss of a closet. I was searching for some financial statements that my youngest daughter needed when low and behold I came across last year's Art of the Table brochure. I had looked and looked for that thing over and over so that I could try to figure out who to give credit to for the tables I had posted pictures of. Ironically, as soon as I delete the posts because I didn't know who to give credit to, I find the damned pamphlet from the show. So since I feel bad for posting pictures that I obviously shouldn't have I am going to go through this pamphlet and name everyone who had a table at last year's show and try to link to their website if possible. If I can figure out by reading the description of the table who is responsible then I will repost the pictures for it. If not, I won't but rest assured every table there last year was awesome and anybody in this list of people would be great to hire as a designer for your event. This is going to take a lot of time which ironically I am always running short on. Hopefully, I will get it done before next year's show. And here we go..... This first table is A Day in Paris by Pam Monahan again from Entertaining with a Flair
Floral Designer Rebecca Valentine- Rebecca Vaentine Floral Design Stationary by Jen Swathwood-Card INc.317-733-9301

Next table is Library Love - Tablescape Designer Susan Jackson Learned & Amie Drose from Where Can I Put This? -312-209-3466 Floral Designer Jim Holland- Freelance Floral Designer 317-902-3138
Wreath made from book pages

Library Card or Menu card?
Next we have WOW with Warhol! Tablescape Designer Kim King Smith-Kim King SmithEvents,LLC 317-512-0172-
Floral designer Bokay Floral, Broadripple 317-253-2323
Stationary Designer Jen Swathwood- CardInk 317-733-9301-

Next up is I Love Paris in the Springtime Tablescape Designer Kay Krober Invitaion and Celebrations 317-733-9570 Floral Designer Ken Meyers- Freelance Floral Designer-317-926-5695-
This next table I am guessing by the description is called It Had Better Be Tonight"> Table Designers
L. Gene Huddleson II - Detail + Design 317-423-3590 Monica Richare Detail + Design 317-423-3590

The table behind this one with the peacock feathers belongs to Circle City Planners 317-490-8738 Floral Designer">Royal Creations 317-257-5540
From the description of the table I am guessing that the Gone With the Wind table below belongs to Jim Holland, Freelance Floral designer 317-902-3138 Stationary designer is">Gloria Boyden, Events by Design. 317-566-8233

My guess from reading this pamphlet is that the Bridal Bliss table must be this gorgeous table below. If I am wrong I apologize. Tablescape Designer>">Gloria Boyden, Events by Design 317-566-8233 Floral Designer /">Jan Johnson, Wedding Flowers Design Studio 317-813-8699

Again. I'm making a guess by what is written that this cool table below is the Crystal Ball Bliss table by /">Elite Bridal Consulting & Events,LLC.
Floral Designer Kathy's Kloset 317-291-7767

Any other pictures I had posted I can't seem to figure out by the descriptions in this brochure who is responsible for them. I will list everyone though that I see had a table there besides these tables. Tablescape Designers Vanessa Chaves & Megan Gates IMA/Wolfgang Puck catering 317-923-1331 -vchabez@imamuseum.orghad a table named Art of Seduction
This next picture I have a feeling probably belongs to
Tablescape Designer">Tanya S. Marshall Heavenly Sweets Cakes 317-770-9399
Tablescape Designer and Floral Designer Ken A. Meyers Freelance 317-96-5695 Was there with a table named New Traditions
Tablescape Designer">Lisa Gorman from Memory Makers Wedding and Event Planning was there with a table named Dawn.">Kathy Hinderlit from Kathy's Kloset was the floral designer.
The Moulon Rouge Table was by Amanda Coffey from the">Conrad Hotel
317-524-2558 with floral designer Enflora 317-0913-9300
Julie's Ever After Table was by Becky Ruby - Lilly Lane 317-435-8806There was a table called A Toast to the Bride and Groom by">Sandy Rogers from Butler's Pantry 317-733-8003
Jim Holland Freelance Floral Designer 317-902-3138

I have a lot more to list but have no time right now so I will come back and list the others here as soon as I can with an edit to this post. Thanks!

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