Thursday, April 22, 2010


So, this is the dress that I may end up wearing to Angie's wedding. My good friend Debbie loves to shop and loves especially to shop for other people, not herself. She saw this dress and thought I might like it. She called and asked if she should get it and bring it to me and I said "YES, PLEASE!" I have not been in the mood to shop for a dress. Perhaps it is this weight issue I have going on. Debbie bought this dress at Von Maur, a store that I love because they don't charge interest on their credit cards. They gift wrap anything you buy for free and also have free shipping from their website. You don't even have to ship it back if you don't like it. You can just take it to the store and get your money back.
I really like the dress, though it is a lot more than I wanted to pay for one. It looks a lot better in this picture because there is actually a waist in it. When I put it on, there doesn't seem to be that inward dent in the middle that should be there, like in the picture. I am going to keep it though and try to whittle myself a waist. I am not even going to ask your opinions on this because I don't want to be disappointed when no one gives one. HA! If I find something I like better, I can always return this one to Von Maur, because they are the best! Check out these shoes they have. Should I wear silver shoes? Oh shoot, I just asked your opinion. I think I may want some sparklier ones.


dognbird said...

I love this look!

@Sandytables said...

Wow, that was fast. Thanks!

Hotel in Stevens Point said...

Hotel in Stevens Point

It was really awesome...!!!!!!!!!

Kate McMahon said...

I LOVE IT!!! I told Ang you have to wear this, so take off the tags! :)