Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bee is for Baby

Last Wednesday I went to bed at midnight and awoke to my niece Paula calling me at 1:00 am to tell me her water broke. Baby Colin was born at 8:26 am. We had been planning her baby shower for Saturday. So needless to say the shower turned into a welcome home party for Colin and his Daddy who got to come home on leave from Iraq and made it home in time to go pick up mama and baby at the hospital and arrive on time to the shower. I was kind of trying to do too much to make it perfect but I ran out of time. I didn't get my labels on the water bottles or my ribbons on some of my jars and I barely got the other room half way decorated for the gift opening part. I don't even have pictures of that room. I used baby blue in there. I wouldn't have gotten a lot of things done without the last minute help of Sunny, Angie, Nora & Gorgetta. Thanks girls! In the kitchen where we served the food buffet style I copied off of other showers I've seen on these blogs and went for the Bee is for Baby theme. I just love the black and yellow together so I had to do it. Baby Colin sort of threw my timing off but it all worked out for the best and we got to welcome Daddy home too.

This is Allan, home from Iraq for a couple of weeks, holding Colin with Colin's big sisters Emma and Kelsey looking on. Colin weighed 6lbs 4oz at birth.

Here's my drink bucket minus the waters that didn't get labeled. We threw them in after we took the picture.

Notice these two pictures are the same except the top one was auto-corrected by It however won't enlarge when you click on it. The bottom one will because it was downloaded directly to my computer.

I'm not responsible for this cute diaper cake. Paula's mom, Nora put it together and Paula decorated it. I thought they did a great job.

Lemonade (minus it's pretty ribbon) and Banana Trifle.

Angie made these cupcakes for me so we could use the cool cupcake holder I bought at Target. It has a different shape than most of them and it's white. Too bad I didn't get it's pretty ribbon tied onto it. That's some sort of Strawberry Trifle I made next to it and the chocolate cake (via Sam's Club) says "Welcome Home Colin & Allan!"
This picture with the bee on it was a last minute attempt to cover up a picture Paula had hanging there that just didn't go with the theme. I took one of them down and was about to take another thing off the wall but Paula's mom thought I was getting carried away, so I didn't.
Below is a banner I made out of paper that we had around the house. I cut it all by hand except the letters which are stickers. Luckily Paula had some ribbon there that I somehow used to put it together. It was like 3:00 am in the morning when I was doing that and I honestly don't remember how I got it together. Knowing me, it's probably taped.

(click pic to make bigger)
Here's the food buffet. We couldn't fit it all on the table so some was over on the counter top. Everybody thought that the fruit display was great and thought I put so much time into it. The hardest part was cutting up the fruit the night before and my daughter Sunny came and helped do most of that. She stayed until 3:30 am helping. Once the fruit is cut, putting it together is not hard at all. I went to bed at 4:00 and woke up at 6:00am to get back to work. Next time I plan a party I will be getting my ribbons and tags on things way ahead of time. Uh huh.

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Rettabug said...

Oh my gosh, Sandy! I just spent an hour going down your posts & I am blown away by the sea shore birthday ones as well as this BEE-utiful shower presentation.
P-L-E-A-S-E tell me how you made that AWESOME fruit centerpiece? It is absolutely outstanding! I've never seen one done like that with the hollowed out fruit bases before. What's the anchoring method & to what are they attached, if you don't mind sharing?

Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my 1st TTablescape. Now that I've seen your work, your words mean even more to me than before.

most sincerely,

@Sandytables said...

Rett, Thanks so much for the sweet comments. I really appreciate them! The fruit display is anchored by a thing my mom had. I think my dad may have made it. It is a heavy piece of wood shaped like a Christmas tree with nails sticking out of it all over it. I've made them before without it though (since I didn't know it existed) I think I use two small cake stands on top of each other and then I anchored a small styrofaom Christmas tree to the top stand with some floral sticky stuff that looks like gum. Then I used wooden skewers in the fruit.Like I said, cutting up the fruit is the worst part. if you have lots of grapes they cover any holes or evidence of cake stands and make things look pretty.

Rettabug said...

Thanks Sandy! I think Colonial Williamsburg sells something similar for apples. I'll check it out.