Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Photography Blogger of the Week is Brian Dorsey Studios http://blog.briandorseystudios.com/

I found this awe inspiring photography blog last night as I was looking at David Beahm's awe inspiring Design Blog. Brian had been a photographer for at least one of the weddings Mr. Beahm had done. So naturally, I went looking at his work and it is outstanding. Brian and his team are based out of New York and certainly don't need any of my endorsements, as you can see from the magazine cover below. He was nice enough to let me post some of his work, but this is just a small fraction of it. You need to go visit his studio's blog at http://blog.briandorseystudios.com/ When I look at some of these photos on all of these blogs, I can't make up my mind which would be more fun, designing the flowers and decor for these weddings and events or being the one photographing them. I don't know why I didn't take up photography years ago. I guess it was the dark room stuff that scared me off. I have a feeling it is easier now than what it was when I was young (and stupid). I actually had an expensive camera for a few months back then until I lost it in a custody swap. I got the big unusual chair and He got the camera. It was a Nikon with a foot long zoom, that much I remember. It was actually the only thing of value we had. I wish I had realized how valuable it was. I could have had a fun, lucrative career by now. Oh well, hindsight won't help me now. Though I may take some photography classes when this wedding is done and paid for. Now, check out these photos. The last three photos show the designs of David Beahm, whom I wrote about in the post below this one.

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