Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Photography Blogger of the Week http://www.jrgeoffrion.com

So , I need to get back to my photographer of the week posts. This week I'm naming JR Geoffrion He is a Chicago North Shore-based professional photographer specializing in my very own photojournalistic wedding reportage style for discerning Brides and Grooms. (In His own words.) JR has an interesting blog and website especially if you are interested in photography and how to improve your images. He even lists all of the equipment he uses. He has some gorgeous shots on his blog and has had photos published in quite a few magazines. Check out his artistry at http://www.jrgeoffrion.com Thanks to JR for being kind enough to get right back to me when I asked permission to use his photos on my blog. Here's just a taste of his beautiful work.

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bridechic said...

Gorgeous images . . . thanks for the share