Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Sugar Factory http://www.sugarfactory.com/

My youngest daughter Natalie had to show me these lollipops that she and her friends have and are spending $25.00 a pop for. Maybe you all know about them but they are news to me. They are pretty blingy and would make a fun pampering gift for your bridesmaids and/or flower girls. They would be fun on a bachelorette night out too. These lollipops are quote "couture" lollipops and you can get Kim Kardashian's Favorite, or the the Brittany Spears Circus Tour Lollipop and The Pussy Cat Tour Pop to name a few. They get them on-line at The Sugar Factory. This is a pretty fun site to check out. They sell other types of lollipops and candy also. They have a page full of celebrities holding their Couture Pops. The Sugar Factory also has a store in Las Vegas in The Mirage. You can also purchase chocolate, gift baskets, apparel, etc. and replacement heads for your pops. Makes you feel like a kid in a candy store. Have fun looking.

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